Durham Quote

Fairly certain no one will see this but I had to share. I made a post about quotes I liked or ones that really stuck with me and at the end I wrote about how there was one Durham said that I really liked but couldn’t find. Well, fast forward to halfway through summer as I’m cleaning out my folders (really late I know) and I find it. It was written at the bottom of my scavenger poem. It reads, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” And I remember thinking, the second he said it, senior quote.  If only I … Continue reading Durham Quote

It’s Raining On Prom Night

From ‘Grease’ My friends and I jammed out to this song on the way to Prom. Well, actually, I jammed out as my friends gave me weird looks. Since it was pouring rain practically the whole day, and more specifically during the time we were going to take pictures, I decided to ditch the heels. Home girl was not about to navigate the streets in three-inch heels. No thank you. Instead, I wore some bright blue flip flops that in no way matched my dress. So, as I held up the ends of my dress, all people would see are some … Continue reading It’s Raining On Prom Night

Old Guy Part II

Breaking the story up because I was over 500 words. When the ambulance arrived I was told I could leave and that the other two men would take over. As I pulled away, a cop car came driving down the street and I just thought nothing of it. Well, a few days after the incident, a cop shows up at my work, which isn’t that unusual because I work at a government building; but he asks for me. As someone who has never gotten in trouble and doesn’t do anything bad, I was about ready to shit my pants as … Continue reading Old Guy Part II

Old Guy

Story Time: We moved back in October from Ballwin to Saint Peters. I still work at my job by the old house, which is now a 45 minute drive to where I currently live; and every now and then I’ll drive by the old house just to see if they’ve changed it all or done any work on it. One day, about a month ago, as I drove past, I came to a stop sign and looked to my left. I see this gray lump and kind of think nothing about it, until it moves. I look closer and see it’s a … Continue reading Old Guy

Three Wishes

Another old freewrite. Here’s the prompt I found online: “If you were to bump into a genie, what would you wish for?” I would wish for… I would wish for the witty comebacks I think of, after an argument has passed, to come to me at the perfect time. Nothing (maybe some things) is more frustrating that not being able to own that person and have everyone applaud you and ask your opponent if they need some ice for that burn; and walking away like the boss you know you are. I’m not gonna list my number two because it’s … Continue reading Three Wishes

Best Prank

An old freewrite. Here’s the prompt I found online: “What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?” One time, my friends and I pizzaed a driveway. When you do it, you have to make sure it’s going to be really hot the next day, that way the cheese melts to the ground and it’s a b word to clean up. My friends and I were really extra, so we dressed in all black and were rolling around in the front yard like a bunch of idiots. Half of us tee-peed while the others pizzaed. Those that did the driveway … Continue reading Best Prank

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast is quite easily my favorite Disney princess movie. So when I heard about the new one that just came out, I freaked.  Well, last Sunday, my sister and I went to go see it. And as we’re sitting through what feels like hours of trailers for other movies, she tells me about an event that was going on for the premiere of the movie we’re about to see. She explained that the movie theater out by us (and maybe others as well) offered a special before-viewing of the movie with free popcorn and drinks. Tickets were … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast